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Renew your passion for teaching!

July 29, 2011

I’m actively working on last week’s list and preparing for my upcoming classes. Yesterday I had that cherished annual luncheon with a dear friend who I taught with for years and is still teaching 5th grade. It is not a secret that I think she may well be the best teacher I have ever known or seen in action. She is the definition of Master Teacher. Again this year I am renewed by our visit and most importantly by her amazing passion for teaching and children. She is so excited about the new school year and meeting her new students. Those first days of school are spent getting to know all about the students and their families, their talents and interests, and their hopes and dreams. She spends the remainder of the year planning lessons and activities that meet their needs, spark their curiosity, and celebrate their uniqueness. My friend has completed her “To Do Lists” and is actually anxious to get back in her classroom.

Consider the list below as you prepare for an exciting new school year. Remember to focus on the positive and feed your passion for teaching!

Getting Ready for the Coming of a New School Year List

  • Find out if any of your students have special needs.  If so, read books and articles, ask colleagues for tips, and plan to meet with school specialists. (My friend always does this, has an intervention plan ready, AND shares her research and
    resources with me.)
  • Write a professional goal for the coming school year and just think about it.  Schools require goal setting.  Get a head start and allow ideas to percolate into a plan.
  • Read a professional book that applies to an area in which you want to grow professionally:  differentiation, learning styles, community building, content, assessment techniques.
  • Look for new children’s or adolescent literature for the classroom library.
  • Plan new bulletin boards.
  • Connect with a mentor or a respected colleague you respect—REPEAT OFTEN
  • Meet with a new teacher and see how you can help.
  • Visit a teacher store for ideas. What can you make from materials you have at home?
  • Make a list of supplies you will need and watch for “Back to School” sales and area garage sales.
  • Make a list of ideas you generate. Carry a notebook with you.
  • Schedule a meeting with the principal—just to touch base.
  • Schedule meetings with resource teachers—just to see what’s new.
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