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Peace in Our Classrooms

September 16, 2011

In schools everywhere teachers and students are working together to create relationships of respect within safe and nurturing classroom communities. Master teachers know that for learning to take place all of our students must feel safe and cared for.  If we create classroom norms together based on respect for diversity and tolerance for all, we have taken a huge step in laying the foundation for learning and helping our students become productive citizens of not only our classroom but of  the global community.  If we think of each classroom as a microcosm of the world, then we continue to have hope that one day we will see peace, and that our students will become instruments of peace for the future.

September 21 is The International Day of Peace Supporting peaceful instruction and curriculum in your classroom supports efforts for peace throughout the world. Below are resources and ideas for “peaceful” lessons and learning activities in your classroom.

*Small children can draw pictures of themselves, saying what makes them feel peaceful

*Do a role play on peace

*Write peace statements on pieces of paper and turn them into objects of art

    •  Lesson Plans from Read, Write, Think

Grades 3 – 5 | Lesson Plan | Unit

Peace Poems and Picasso Doves: Literature, Art, Technology, and Poetry

Students apply think-aloud strategies to reading and to composition of artwork and poetry. They research symbols of peace as they prewrite, compose, and publish their poetry.

Grades 9 – 12 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson

The Peace Journey: Using Process Drama in the Classroom

What does peace mean to you? In this lesson, students attempt to answer this question as they write and perform a short skit that reflects their ideas of peace.

Grades 6 – 8 | Lesson Plan | Unit

Exploring Author’s Voice Using Jane Addams Award-Winning Books

History has many faces in this lesson in which students read Jane Addams Award-winning books to learn about peace, social justice, world community, and equality.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Lyrics by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller.

Have a peaceful week.


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