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Communicating with Parents – Classroom Newsletters

September 30, 2011

By now you should be well into classroom routines and curriculum. You are building community and relationships within your classroom, so think of ways to extend this community to your students’ caregivers.

Communication is vital to fostering and nurturing relationships with families. Consider designing a classroom newsletter that will go home to parents on a regular basis. This classroom newsletter should accomplish the following:

  • celebrate accomplishments of  both individuals and your group (Make it your goal to feature each student during the year.)
  • inform parents of upcoming events and projects
  • provide strategies parents can  use to support their students and the classroom
  • invite parents to partner on upcoming lessons and activities
  • include students’ voice and creativity

Involve students not only in the content but the publication of the newsletter. Editor, reporter, illustrator, and photo journalist can be additional classroom jobs for students. Consider making the newsletter part of your writing curriculum. Students can write articles, proofread, peer edit, illustrate, take photos….the list is endless.

Go green. Think of the variety of methods available to you for publishing and sharing.

  • Email newsletter to parents. Both parents/guardians if parents are divorced.
  • Be sure to send hardcopy to families who do not have internet access. Know your parents.
  • Post on your website. It is easily accessible if the email was accidentally deleted.

When teachers make parent involvement part of their regular practice, parents increase their interactions with their children at home, feel more positive about their abilities to help children in the elementary grades, and rate the teachers as better overall.  The result is that students improve their attitudes and achievement (Epstein & Dauber, 1991).

If you use newsletters to communicate with your parents, please share useful and creative  ideas with us in the comment section below.

You will find a variety of templates in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher or online at

Download sample newsletter template

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