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Crossing the Finish Line

October 28, 2011

I promised an update to the October 7 post.

Goal accomplished! My husband successfully completed the Chicago Marathon. Both of  his goals were achieved. He finished and he wasn’t last! Congratulations on setting a goal and making it happen. He did very well for his age groups finishing with a time of 05:12:01. Did I mention he will be 60 next year?

(See results at

In your Classroom

Now that most schools have completed the first grading period, it is time for teachers and students to evaluate the current status and set goals and objectives for the remaining school year. Many of you have just completed or will soon have parent conferences. After careful examination and reflection, many of us want to make adjustments. Below are resources for those of you who want to make changes in your practice to meet the needs of your students as you set new goals for the remaining school year. There are also resources for your next parent conferences and some engaging lesson ideas from ReadWriteThink.

Make it a good week!

Resources for improving instruction:

What Drives Instruction?
How to appeal to students’ interests?

Lesson Planning for Engagement
How do you plan lessons to engage and motivate your students?

Where am I going?
(Short Video) What does purpose look like in a lesson?

If you want to improve or change your approach to parent conferences see these resources:

Conferring with Parents
We especially like the ideas for Student-led Conferences and the Reflection Portfolio.

Lesson Idea of the Week

Lesson Plans to engage learners using the Comic Creator from ReadWriteThink

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