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October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

October 2, 2012

Sadly, I’ve written about bullying before. Yes, it has always been around. Yes, it is a colossal problem, and no, it is NOT just “kids being kids.” Children are not born with the capacity to be mean or hurtful to others. If you are not noticing the bullying in your school, you are not looking for it. Bullying too often leads to school violence and suicide. It prevents students from not only attending school, but from learning when they come. It leads to depression and feelings of hopelessness.

The best way to prevent bullying is to proactively deal with it before it starts. In our schools we should be building communities and relationships of mutual respect. Build and nurture relationships between teachers and students and between students and students. If your school does not have a school wide bully prevention program,  it should be your number one priority. Develop a  K-12 Anti-Bullying curriculum for your district and use it. Talk about bullying often. Talk about what to do if you see bullying, if you are bullied, or if you are a bully.

In October, students, parents, and educators across the country are raising awareness for bullying prevention and speaking up for their peers. National Bullying Prevention Month was started by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2006 and has now turned into a national student movement with the theme The End of Bullying Begins with Me! PACER

Take action today. Stop the suffering in your school and classroom. Let bullying end with you.

Video – Hollywood Teens Unite Against Bullying – PSA

Below are excellent resources for implementing bully prevention and awareness in your school.

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