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Invite Guest Readers for December

December 11, 2012

Each year, I display a crate of winter and holiday books that are part of our family’s traditions. I always have to stop and read some of my favorites. When I was a technology specialist in an elementary school, one of our third grade teachers had a day every December when she invited guests to her classroom to read aloud to her students….all day for one day. Parents, grandparents, principals, superintendents, custodians, local officials, etc were invited to bring their favorite book and read to her students. It was a day I always looked forward to. The students loved it too. It is important for young readers to see adults model a love for reading.

My favorite book was (and still is) Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present. I loved being invited and having the opportunity to read it each year.

One Christmas Eve after the reindeer are asleep, Santa sees a present still in the sack — Harvey Slumfenburger’s present. And so he starts a very long journey on foot . . . by plane . . . on skis . . . and so on until he reaches Harvey’s hut, slides down the chimney, and delivers the last Christmas present, safe and sound. Goodreads

Consider inviting guests to a Read Aloud Marathon in your classroom. Include all the December traditions and cultural traditions. It’s not too late, invite other faculty and support staff in your school. If you teach middle or high school, set up a visit to a local elementary school or shelter. Ask your students to bring their favorite picture book to share with others.

Remember the season is all about caring and sharing. Check last week’s post December is Here! for a list of books for the season.


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