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Think Spring, Eggs, and Eagles. . . Think Relevant, Real-World, and Engaging!

March 19, 2014

Long time followers will remember that one of my fascinations each spring is watching the live eagle camera in Decorah Iowa. I also keep tabs on the Minnesota Bound Eagle Cam and the Eagles4kids cam in Blair, Wisconsin.

I have become quite the eagle expert. One year I was watching when egg#1 was laid and was also viewing as mom sat on the egg bowl to keep the eggs warm during a snow storm and frigid temperatures. And we think it has been a long, cold winter!!! What about sitting on a nest high in a cottonwood tree during wind, snow, and cold.

During my time watching I’ve seen an eaglet rescued and successfully returned to the nest, a break-up/divorce of the eagles, Larry and Lucy, at Eagle4kids and lots of nurturing, learning and growing.

You can easily watch the eagle cams in your classroom or send the link home to parents. Why would you do this? We can learn so much from the eagle parents and their young.eagles

  • Watching the eagles gives students an opportunity to see real life experiences in real-time.
  • Viewing the eagles in their habitat encourages an appreciation for nature and our environment.
  • The eagles will provide excellent models and connections for the science classroom, creative writing, and even poetry.
  • It affords a real connection to explore nonfiction literature. (I’m thinking CCSS.)
  • It’s fun.
  • It’s engaging.
  • It’s meaningful.


Updated February 19, 2016

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