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Amazing Teachers

May 16, 2014

One of the advantages of teaching in the evening is that I have the mornings to work on grading,  lesson plans, social media, research, writing, and house cleaning. (You notice these are in order of priority. Sometimes I don’t get to that last one.) I don’t like quiet so much, so usually the TV is on by my desk. I’m not always watching, but it is there to keep me company.apple2

A couple of days this week Kelly and Michael got my attention. They honored a “Top Teacher” every day this week. It has been so inspiring. While these are only five teachers, they represent all those caring and effective teachers who are making a difference every day. It is gratifying to see teachers appreciated and noticed for what they do each day.

To be inspired and to read more about these amazing teachers go to LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Their profiles and videos are at the bottom of the page. You can even vote if you like.

Click to see these amazing teacher videos.

Be sure to thank the teachers who are not on TV. They deserve our recognition too.


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