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Thriving in the High School Classroom

July 17, 2014

The Art of teaching is the art of assisting DISCOVERY.

Mark van Doren

We’ve talked about it many times. Three people from very uncommon backgrounds all became teachers, ended up at the same university and decided with very little planning to begin writing, presenting, researching and creating together. We wrote our first book five years ago. (Read about the authors.) This summer we have completed a new EBook focused on high school classrooms. All three of us began as high school teachers, so we between us we have more years of experience than we care to share. (Did I mention I completed student teaching 40 years ago this last spring?)

We are excited. Writing with like-minded colleagues focused on Best Practice and students is so rewarding. It is sharing, caring, reflecting, and growing professionally and personally all in one process….the highest level of collaboration.

WHAT EXPERTS SAY: “In short, the relationships among the educators in a school define all relationships within that school’s culture. Teachers and administrators demonstrate all too well a capacity to either enrich or diminish one another’s lives and thereby enrich or diminish their schools” (Barth, 2006).


Our new EBook, Thriving in the High School Classroom, is available from our store at  Teachers Pay Teachers.

thriving cover

This EBook is for new teachers, teachers who may need a reminder of the importance of planning for a successful classroom and school year, and those who work with pre-service teachers. Thriving in the High School Classroom provides a framework for tasks and dispositions that are an essential part of a thriving high school classroom community. Although not a theory book, Thriving in the High School Classroom, provides practical explanations and rationales in a context for the activities, strategies and tools it suggests. Chapter contents include the importance of communication with parents as well as school personnel, organizational tips, strategies for building community in the classroom, and a framework for classroom behavior. The Appendix contains lists, letters, class activities, samples, and PowerPoint presentations that are ready for use.

We hope you find it useful. We certainly enjoyed writing it!

A special Thank You to my students who kindly gave permission for their photos to be used for the cover.

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