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Partnering with Parents

July 25, 2014

While the student-teacher relationship is crucial to classroom success, also important is partnering with parents and caregivers to support students in your classroom. Parents deserve to hear how their students are doing and to be involved in the planning and goal setting for their student’s growth. Remember it is your responsibility to foster this relationship with communication and invitations to partner with you. Parents who have not had good school experiences themselves need support and encouragement.



What can teachers do to encourage parent support?

  • Send a welcome letter to all parents introducing yourself and sharing information about your classroom/content.
  • Include your contact information and times to call school. Invite parents to call you with information and concerns.
  • Call home. Begin the very first week of school and call all parents to connect and share something positive about each student. It will make difficult phone calls easier if you have already connected.
  • Send email updates and reminders about units, projects, assessments, class activities.
  • Publish a class newsletter or website.
  • Ask parents about their students with parent questionnaires.
  • Invite  parents to volunteer or share their expertise in your classroom.
  • Invite parents to school events.
  • Prepare well for parent-teacher conferences.
  • Consider home visits.

As you plan for a successful school year, include families in your plans.

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