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Professional Development – Lifelong Learners

November 12, 2014

My colleagues and I just returned from The Annual Conference of Middle Level Education in Nashville, TN. We were tired after five presentations in two days, but we were renewed and re-energized by the participants and the energy. What an outstanding conference! Linda, Jennifer, and I remarked about the positivity, the high level of professionalism, and the quest for knowledge. These educators had one mission, “How to I become a better teacher?”

The participants in our sessions were a mix. Most are already experienced and highly effective educators continuing to seek wisdom. There were many administrators and a welcome surprise was the many pre-service teachers. They have started early on a road of continuous professional growth.

Why attend a quality educational conference?

  1. When we hear others are using the same practices or following the same philosophy, we feel validated. We need to know we are doing what is best for children.
  2. When we hear others question practices, it gives us courage to challenge our thinking (and that of others) and our practice.
  3. We get tons of news ideas and resources. Why didn’t I think of that?
  4. We reflect on where we are as teachers and where we want to be. We set professional goals for growth.
  5. We are re-energized to be the best educators we can be.


We would like to thank AMLE and the staff for the outstanding schedule, presentations and speakers. The conference was well-planned and well-organized. (Thanks Dena.) Everyone was friendly, positive and gracious…. even the AV guy!


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