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Building Relationships by Showing that You Care

January 21, 2015

I work with pre-service teachers. I’m working with three groups right now. One group just started the program and they are eager to begin their journey of learning and teaching.  They will have their first classroom field experiences in a couple of weeks. A second group is preparing for their second field experience, and the third group begins student teaching Monday! I’m excited for all of them.

In recent conversations and classroom discussions, many have shared their anxiety– their first day jitters. Especially those who are student teaching are worried. “Am I ready?” “Can I really do this?” All of my students know the value I put on building relationships with students (and colleagues). We’ve spent a great deal of time in class discussing this and modeling appropriate ways to get to know students and build relationships of respect. I am thrilled when I read literature, research, or other educator’s advice that supports this belief. Yesterday, I received an email notice of a blog post for a blog I follow. Katherine Sokolowski on her blog,  Read, Write, Reflect shared her story about showing students you care and how she shared this with her current student teacher. This is a post worth reading for all educators. Thank you, Katherine, for sharing.

Student teachers have to absorb so much in our time together. I told mine that her first priority, before we even begin to talk about curriculum, is to build relationships with every single child in our classroom. She is off to an amazing start.

Katherine Sokolowski
Showing That You Care -Read, Write, Reflect Blog

Relationships first. Then you can really begin teaching content. Be sure to read this entire post and her suggested reading. All of our students deserve to know someone cares!heart3

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