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Reducing Teacher Stress

March 10, 2015

The end of the school year always becomes stressful. Teachers have an abundance of responsibilities that require time, effort, and planning. There are demands from administrators, parents, students, and your own family and friends. It is important to be aware of and recognize the stress teachers face daily.

Recognize stress in your life. . .


Feelings Associated with Stress:

  • Anxious
  • Scared
  • Angry
  • Frustrated
  • Moody

Thoughts You May Have If You Are Stressed:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Fear of Failure
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Worrying About the Future
  • Can’t Concentrate
  • Complaining About Work

Behaviors You May Show If You Are Stressed:

  • Crying
  • Grinding Your Teeth
  • Increase of a Normal Habit or Addiction
  • Losing Your Appetite or Overeating
  • Increased Heart Rate, Breathing or Sweating
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Neck and Lower Back Pain

Ways to Reduce Your Stress

  1. Become Aware of How You React In Stressful Situations.happy face
  2. Be Positive, Speak Positive, Think Positive.
  3. At the end of the school day, think about all the things you achieved and finished rather that what you didn’t have time to get done.
  4. Learn to say NO to certain requests and after school duties. You can’t do EVERYTHING, and you shouldn’t.
  5. Understand and Accept that a teacher is not a SUPER HERO and we do have limits.

adapted from

A Practical Approach . . .

Getting Ready for the Last Weeks of School

  • If you haven’t already, take time to look at what you are going to teach for the remaining time.
  • Be realistic. What can you teach WELL in the time left? (This may mean you leave something out.)
  • Plan instructional strategies and activities that will connect with your students’ interests. (Put on your thinking cap. Mix it up and make it fun for your students and yourself.)
  • Try something different. Take a chance.
  • Review classroom routines, procedures, and behavior expectations (often) in order to create a safe climate for learning in your classroom.
  • Remember the best way to have a productive and enjoyable end of the year is to stay organized.
  • Make general plans through the end of the year.
  • Make specific plans for each week and have copies and materials ready on Monday morning or better yet Friday afternoon.

Communicate with Students and Parents

  • Use email and phone calls to connect with parents.
  • Keep your calendar current and parents informed. We know there are field trips, assemblies, concerts, and a myriad of end of the year events.
  • Make a list of tests, projects, and assignment due dates for yourself and your students. Share these with parents.
  • Let students and parents know when grades drop OR show improvement.

If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.– Lee Iacocca

Take Care of You

  • Your health is important.
  • Use exercise to manage stress. Find time for a walk or a run.
  • Eat nutritiously to stay well and healthy. Plan nutritious meals each weekend and shop for all the ingredients. Consider cooking on Sunday for the week.
  • Make time for you, your family, and your friends.

Finish Strong

  • Don’t forget to not only make the most of your time left, but to enjoy it. Smile. Positivity is infectious.
  • Celebrate growth for you and your students.
  • Plan time for reflection. Start now to plan for a better next year.

The race isn’t over until you cross the finish line. You’ll be surprised at how much can change in the last twenty strides.—Jackie Dugall

 Make a Plan to Reduce Stress:

Set two goals that will help you deal with stress and finish the school year strong. Set one personal goal and one professional goal to work on for the remainder of the year. Remember to choose a goal that you can control. Include strategies that you think of to implement your goal.

 My personal goal for reducing stress:


My professional goal for reducing stress:


We’d love to hear what you are doing to plan for the end of the year and reduce stress.


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    Great practical ideas for reducing stress, especially as the end of the year is creeping closer. Worth your time to check out. What do you do to plan for the end of the school year and reduce stress?

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