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A New Product Blog

March 17, 2015

We published our first post on this blog July 13, 2010. Since then we have had over 39,000 views from 145 countries outside the US, and we have published 176 posts. We have shared relevant advice and resources to support teachers in their classrooms. We appreciate the positive feedback and support we have received.

Many of you know that a little over two years ago we began developing and marketing our own curriculum products in our online store on  Teachers Pay Teachers, an open market place for educators. These are high quality products based on the tenets of Best Practice and  are CCSS aligned. Reviews and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, and we are committed to expanding our store and product line to meet the needs of committed and busy educators. We are boldly moving forward.

Currently we have two blogs. This blog, From Surviving to Thriving, maintained and authored by Linda Carpenter and Surviving to Thriving LjL maintained and authored by Linda Neiman. Linda and I both enjoy writing and sharing with other teachers, but are careful about over promoting and marketing our products. So, we have created a new blog that will we will use to market our products. We will be sharing our products along with ideas and resources, and yes, more advice. If you are interested please follow our new blog, Thriving LjL for information on our current products, new product releases, and ideas for using them in your classroom. Sign up to receive email updates from any or all of our blogs!

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