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GOGO: Active Participation Strategy for the Classroom

March 24, 2015

Research supports the connection between movement and learning.

Some of the smartest things teachers can do are the simplest. When we keep students active, we keep their energy levels up and provide their brains with the oxygen-rich blood needed for highest performance. Teachers who insist that students remain seated during the entire class period are not promoting optimal conditions for learning.

Teaching with the Brain in Mind, 2nd Edition (2005) by Eric Jensen.

You’ve just finished a short lecture and now it’s time to see what students know. It is also time to get their brains and bodies moving.

GOGO (Give One Get One) is a simple way and fun way to do this.

  1. Give students a recording grid.
  2. Have students jot down 3 ideas they learned from the lesson.
  3. Direct them to get up and find a partner. (Remember to greet your partner.)
  4. GIVE ONE idea from your list to your partner. GET ONE idea for your list from your partner.
  5. Record the new idea. (Remember to say, “Thank you.”)
  6. Move on to a new partner and repeat the process.
  7. If your list and your partner’s list are identical, you must brainstorm together any ideas that can be added to both your lists.
  8. Continue until time is called. Use a Whip to share whole class.Exchange no more than one idea with any given partner.gogo1

GOGOIt is a simple way to use formative assessment to check for understanding and it gives students both movement, and  social interaction to hear and share ideas… make meaning.

Have a great day!


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